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Q: Do you charge a diagnostic fee? 

A: We charge an $80 diagnostic fee. This fee covers many quick fixes that do not require additional parts. If the technician needs to order a part, or repair a system, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for you to review and approve before work begins.

Q:  How often should I have my heating and cooling units serviced? 

A:  AllStar recommends having a technician check your units twice annually to ensure the units are running efficiently for you and your family. Proper maintenance improves the lifespan and energy efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.

Q: What does an AllStar maintenance visit include? 

A:   Check thermostat operation  Clear condensation drains – Clean condensing coils Examine electrical components  Change or clean filters – Check motors & compressor amperage  Lubricate moving parts  Ensure overall system operation

Q: Why should I purchase a new heating or cooling system? 

A: Many home and business owners don’t realize that their old AC or heating system is up to 60 percent less efficient than today’s HVAC equipment. In addition, wear and tear or neglected maintenance can also contribute to reduced efficiency. AllStar may recommend replacing your HVAC system if:

  •  The system needs a repair that is not worth the cost.
  •  Your utility bills are continually increasing while your system is becoming less efficient.
  •  You are building on to your home or facility, and require a larger AC unit.

When you replace your HVAC system with AllStar, you’ll enjoy quality annual service, while saving on your utility bill.

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